Invest 60 minutes on preparing a simple plan and enjoy the results for a lifetime.

We are small firm entrepreneur architects. We know that focusing on building our business is critical so that we have the time, money, and resources to do the work we love.

But there is so much work to do.

How do we find the time to focus on what matters most?

How do we know what we should dedicate our precious time to?

Introducing EntreArchitect Simple Systems; a new mini-course training program developed to help small firm architects focus on what matters most.

Building a successful firm with the freedom and flexibility you need to live your best life doesn't just happen.

It takes a plan.

The EntreArchitect Small Firm Business Plan is a quick and simple system to help you develop an intentional strategy to build the architecture firm you really want.


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Get it done with 8 quick and simple video training modules.

Section One - Future Vision State

During Section 1, we will explore and define your Vision and Mission. What does your future look like and why are you going there?

Module 0.00
Welcome and Introduction

Module 1.01
Your Vision Narrative

Module 1.02
Your Vision Statement

Module 1.03
Your Mission Statement


Section 2 - Execution Strategy

During Section 2, we will identify your One Goal; the single most important goal that your firm will achieve in the coming year such that by achieving it every other goal will be easier to achieve or unnecessary. Then we will develop an Action Plan and a powerful Time-Blocking execution strategy.

Module 2.04
Your One Goal

Module 2.05
Your Action Plan

Module 2.06
Time Blocking

Module 2.07
Do The Work

Module 2.08
Keep Us Posted


I Want This Simple System Now

A simple yet powerful system that will guide your success year after year.

Download The EntreArchitect Small Firm Planning Guide; a 10-page step-by-step document template that you can use to quickly develop your architecture firm's new business plan.

When we're done, you'll not only have identified your single most important goal for 2021 AND developed an action plan to get it done, but you will also have a powerful framework on which to build all your future success.

I Want This Simple System Now

The Support and Accountability You Need

This Simple System course includes access to a private member forum powered by Slack, where you will have direct access to Mark and all the members completing this program.

Ask questions, receive support, and leverage the group for inspiration and accountability.


I Want This Simple System Now

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8 Video Training Modules

10-page Small Firm Planning Guide

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The EntreArchitect Guarantee

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If you purchase this Simple System course and planning guide and it doesn't meet your expectations, just email us within 30 days. If you participate in each session, complete the assigned tasks and you still don't receive the value you expected, we will refund your money... all of it.

No questions asked!

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