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"...a support network that is indispensable and irreplaceable for me."

Experience the Power of the EntreArchitect ASG Mastermind

The EntreArchitect Academy Small Group (ASG) Mastermind is a powerful peer group of trusted colleagues practicing as small firm entrepreneur architects throughout the United States and beyond.

During weekly facilitated video conference meetings members share knowledge, trade resources, help refine ideas and provide honest feedback with the support and encouragement you need to stay focused and accountable.

Your group members will become your advisors, advocates and friends.  They will will support you when you face setbacks and inspire you to achieve your most ambitious goals with breakthrough results.

Membership with this powerful peer group is limited. Each group is sized to maximize interaction and communication.

Membership is exclusive to small firm architects. You must be a currently practicing small firm architect to enroll.

Join now to experience the power of this dynamic small group of entrepreneur architect business owners.

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  • Sheri Scott <br>Founder and Principal Architect <br>Springhouse Architects <br>Dayton, Ohio
    Being a part of EntreArchitect Academy Small Group Mastermind has given me the focus and confidence to totally transform my residential architecture practice. I have moved from being a commodity to being a full service, full fee architecture firm. I can’t wait to see what EntreArchitect and the members of my mastermind group help me to achieve this year!
    Sheri Scott
    Founder and Principal Architect
    Springhouse Architects
    Dayton, Ohio
  • Danny Cerezo <br>Co Founder / Principal <br>cs design <br>Los Angeles, California
    As the owner of a small firm, I’ve invested in many things that I thought would help me run my business better. Most were a waste of my time and money. The EntreArchitect Academy Small Group Mastermind is definitely not one of those. The value of my EntreArchitect Academy membership has been tremendous. Since joining several years ago, I'm much better at client relationships and client management. I feel more confident in saying “No” when I have to and I have great responses to "why is your price so high?" The pearls of wisdom and tips that I have received from my peers has helped me immensely. Where else, other than at EntreArchitect, are you going to find small business sole proprietors who are also small firm architects just like you?
    Danny Cerezo
    Co Founder / Principal
    cs design
    Los Angeles, California
  • Marica McKeel <br>Principal <br>Studio MM Architect <br>New York City
    As a small firm architect, I love that I am part of a community of people who are all focused on small business AND architecture. There is plenty of advice out there for small businesses and large architecture firms, but little exists for us small firm owners. EntreArchitect Academy focuses only on small firm architects. Membership provides me with useful resources and a powerful network designed specifically to help ME succeed.
    Marica McKeel
    Studio MM Architect
    New York City

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"What's a Mastermind?"

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about EntreArchitect Academy

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a powerful peer group of trusted colleagues who meet on a regular basis to share knowledge, trade resources, help refine ideas, provide honest feedback, and support one another as they work to achieve specific goals. The term "mastermind" is derived from the concept that a tremendous amount of knowledge is leveraged when a dedicated group of people come together with the specific intent to solve the problem or empower a single member of the group. Many minds together form one "mastermind".

Why do you divide the membership into small groups?

Weekly small group mastermind discussions allow for members to form trusting bonds and friendships with other group members as they dive deep into weekly discussion topics. There is more personal support, more encouragement and more empowerment when groups remain small.

How many members are assigned to each small group?

Each Academy member is assigned to a dedicated group typically limited to 10 to 15 members.

Do I need to travel to be a member of EntreArchitect Academy?

No. All training and small group discussions are presented via real-time internet video conference using Zoom Meetings.

What are the topics covered by the monthly EntreArchitect Academy Expert Training Session webinars?

EntreArchitect Academy covers all the topics you need to know in order to build a better business. Our current content calendar includes experts training on Business Planning, Financial Management, Business Development, Leadership, Firm Culture, Client Fulfillment, Technology, Management, Sales, and Marketing.

Are the Academy Expert Training Session webinars and small group mastermind meetings recorded?

All Academy Expert Training Session webinars are recorded and available for viewing at members’ convenience. Small group mastermind discussions are NOT recorded, in order to allow for a private environment with open and honest dialogue among group members.

How much time will I need to dedicate to my EntreArchitect Mastermind?

All sessions are limited to 60 minutes per week. Dedicating an additional 15 minutes each day to apply the lessons learned will help you build a better business and take your firm to greater success.

Is attendance required?

Yes. Weekly attendance with your EntreArchitect Academy Small Group Mastermind is required. Mastermind groups are most powerful when all members dedicate themselves to the success of the other members. Attendance at monthly EntreArchitect Expert Training Session webinars is optional but highly recommended.

What is the typical member firm size?

Members of EntreArchitect Academy are a diverse group of people. Member firms range in size from home-based sole practitioners to small firms of 12 or more.

When do members meet?

Monthly Expert Training Session webinars are typically scheduled on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Weekly meetings for each EntreArchitect Academy Small Group Mastermind are determined by the group facilitator in coordination with group members. All meetings are scheduled to be consistently held on the same day and time each week, so members may prioritize their Mastermind as they would any other "most important" meeting.

Is EntreArchitect Academy open to international architects outside of the United States?

Although the curriculum at EntreArchitect Academy is based on U.S. business systems, we have members enrolled from around the world. Since EntreArchitect Academy Small Group Mastermind is an interactive educational program and weekly attendance is required, please be aware of local time zone differences.

Is EntreArchitect Academy open to non-architects?

In order to refine a curriculum designed specifically for its members, EntreArchitect Academy is currently exclusive only to small firm architects.

Do I need to be an architecture firm owner?

No. Although most EntreArchitect Academy members are firm owners, many members are architects preparing for the launch of their own firms.

Which digital courses are available to EntreArchitect Academy members?

All digital courses offered for purchase by EntreArchitect are available to EntreArchitect Academy members at no additional cost, including the GetFocused productivity course, the EntreArchitect Hybrid Proposal owner/architect agreement course, and the Construction Management for Small Firm Architects course.

Which document templates are available to EntreArchitect Academy members?

All document templates offered for purchase at EntreArchitect are available to EntreArchitect Academy members at no additional cost, including the EntreArchitect Foundations document package (50+ business forms and checklists), the EntreArchitect Hybrid Proposal owner/architect agreement document templates, and many others.

What are my payment options?

Membership is paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We accept PayPal or VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and other credit cards via Stripe. We do not accept cash, checks, or money transfers.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. As with every product or service we offer at EntreArchitect, if you are not completely satisfied with your membership at EntreArchitect Academy, just send us an email within 30 days of your initial payment and we will refund 100% of your money... all of it. No questions asked.

"My mastermind group
is a lifeline for me."

Small Firm Architects Love Their EntreArchitect Membership - Here's why...

  • Dawn Zuber <br>Principal Architect <br>Studio Z Architecture <br>Plymouth, Michigan
    Since joining my ASG Mastermind Group, I've gotten much better at running my business like a business and have learned the fundamentals of financial success. I now write more profitable proposals and know exactly how much I should be charging for my services. I’ve hired new employees (and fired them too) with confidence. I have come to think of the other people in my ASG Mastermind Group as good friends and advisors. Each week I can ask them questions about running my business in our a closed group session or connect with them anytime in our private member forum. I love my mastermind group. They have helped me build a better business.
    Dawn Zuber
    Principal Architect
    Studio Z Architecture
    Plymouth, Michigan
  • Jefferson Schierbeek <br>Partner <br>Architects Addison Schierbeek <br>Los Angeles, California
    As the owner of a small firm, I was searching for information on how to organize our office for efficiency, consistency and prosperity. I wanted to learn what others might be doing to do make their practices a success. As a member of an EntreArchitect Mastermind, I found a compassionate and thoughtful group of likeminded people who are supportive and interesting. Each week, I look forward to our mini therapy sessions about the challenges and experiences in both work and life as an architect. My fellow members have given me the reassurance, support and encouragement I was looking for.
    Jefferson Schierbeek
    Architects Addison Schierbeek
    Los Angeles, California
  • Rebecca Weld <br>Owner, Architect <br>Renew Architecture & Design <br>Potsdam, New York
    After being a member of my EntreArchitect Academy Small Group Mastermind for only a short time, I am already experiencing the result of feeling far more empowered to run my business for the long term. I encourage others to join with a positive spirit. The EntreArchitect ASG Masterminds are all about collegiality and problem solving!
    Rebecca Weld
    Owner, Architect
    Renew Architecture & Design
    Potsdam, New York
  • Earl Parson <br>Owner/Founder <br>Parson Architecture & Clever Moderns <br>Prescott, Arizona
    Before joining an EntreArchitect ASG Mastermind I was concerned as to whether the price and time commitment would really be worth it. Today my Mastermind Group has become a support network that is indispensable and irreplaceable for me. I have more confidence in my own journey as a solo-practitioner and I have completely rethought and reformulated my practice over the 4 years that I have been participating. My membership at EntreArchitect ASG Mastermind is well worth the investment and is setting the stage for even bigger things to come for me.
    Earl Parson
    Parson Architecture & Clever Moderns
    Prescott, Arizona
  • Marilyn Moedinger <br>Runcible Studios <br>Founding Principal <br>Boston, Massachusetts
    Being a part of the EntreArchitect Mastermind has been central to my professional (and personal) growth. There have been many times I've relied on the community for help in solving a tough issue, and there have been times I've been able to help someone else as well. Being a small firm practitioner can be lonely sometimes - in tough times and good times - and it's really great to be able to share those times with a group of folks who understand. My mastermind group is a lifeline for me. They have become treasured colleagues, advisors, commiserators and friends.
    Marilyn Moedinger
    Runcible Studios
    Founding Principal
    Boston, Massachusetts
  • Richard E. Kaufman <br>Architect / Chief Visionary Officer <br>The Kaufman Collaborative <br>Houston, Texas
    Since joining EntreArchitect ASG Mastermind as a sole proprietor architect, I found that I am not alone in my concerns regarding management, accounting and business development. I've acquired a "board of directors" to offer advice on several critical subjects to help my firm grow. Our weekly meetings are private and confidential, providing a place where I can freely discuss sensitive issues with people who may have had similar experiences. The diversity of experience found in the group makes it very powerful. Everyone has something to offer and we are very supportive of one another. Knowing that you have a vast resource of knowledge backing you up can make a big difference when you're a sole proprietor.
    Richard E. Kaufman
    Architect / Chief Visionary Officer
    The Kaufman Collaborative
    Houston, Texas
  • Paul D. Rugarber <br>Principal <br>PDRdesigns LLC Architecture <br>Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
    The biggest benefit I receive as a member of EntreArchitect ASG Mastermind is seeing how other architects handle the same problems that I face. Whether it is client interactions, office processes or work/life balance, everyone is willing to share what they have learned, which saves me the time of having to make the same mistakes others have made! I am thankful for the opportunity to learn with and from my peers. I love it and will continue to be a part of EntreArchitect!
    Paul D. Rugarber
    PDRdesigns LLC Architecture
    Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
  • Leslie Divoll <br>Principal Architect <br>Leslie Divoll Architecture & Design <br>West Palm Beach, Florida
    Where was EntreArchitect 40 years ago? Professionals setting up practices today or making mid-career course adjustments are so advantaged by what EntreArchitect has to offer. Dive in now! It’s never too soon -- or too late. My only regret is that I didn’t jump in sooner. Every week I pick up actionable tips, thought-provoking conversations with peers and focused insights from experts -- all making me better at the business side of architecture.
    Leslie Divoll
    Principal Architect
    Leslie Divoll Architecture & Design
    West Palm Beach, Florida

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