Stop wasting your time and money working with the wrong architecture clients.

To build a pipeline full of projects you want, you need to have a fully developed brand that works, but there’s a problem…

You're not a trained marketer.

Marketing takes time and money.

What you've tried so far isn't working.

Most project leads are just "tire kickers".

Most people don't understand what you really do.

You don't have time to create a system from scratch.

You've never seen a simple plan that's... simple.


If any of this sounds familiar, we can help.


The Build Your Brand Workshop will help you build and implement an easy-to-use architecture firm branding system that will attract only the work you want most with clients you'll love.

Your simple plan for attracting your best clients in only 30 days looks like this:

Here's how our 30-day workshop works...

With Jeff Echols as your guide, the Build Your Brand Workshop includes everything you'll need:

Jeff Echols
Brand and Marketing Expert

Daily Training Sessions: Every weekday starting on October 1st, you'll gain access to one of our 16 easy-to-follow video training sessions. Jeff will share a component of the Build Your Brand framework, discuss how and why it works, and assign a simple daily action plan that will move you one step closer to your new brand system.

Weekly Work Sessions: Every Tuesday at 1 PM (Eastern Time), Jeff will work with you and a small cohort of peers to provide guidance, answer questions and get the work done during a 2-hour interactive work session on Zoom. No more excuses! No need to "find the time to get it done". Jeff will be by your side every step of the way.

Weekly Mastermind: Every Thursday at 1 PM (Eastern Time), you'll meet again for a powerful "mastermind" session to share ideas and gain critical feedback from your peers. Your brand will benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the entire group focused on your success.

Weekly Review: Every Friday, Jeff will share a video to review that week's training and share a sneak peek at what's coming next. You'll have each weekend to finalize the week's assignments and mentally prepare for the work ahead.

Private Community: The guidance doesn't end with the weekly meetings. You will have unlimited daily access to your peers and Jeff for support, encourage and accountability at a private member forum powered by Slack.

Brand Manual Template: A system document to reference when developing new marketing materials, building a website, preparing proposals, and sharing your story with clients, consultants, and employees. It's how your firm will share a consistent message, attract your best clients, and earn the fees you deserve.

Twelve Steps in 30 Days

Starting October 1st, you'll learn a proven branding system created specifically for architects.

Your comprehensive Build Your Brand Workshop training will include the answers to these critical questions:

  1. Who is your Ideal Client?
  2. What are the Stakes for your Ideal Client?
  3. What is your firm's Value Proposition?
  4. What is your "One-Liner"?
  5. What does the Future State look like?
  6. How to be The Guide?
  7. What is The Plan for success?
  8. How to Explain your process?
  9. What are your Service Offerings and how to price them?
  10. How to develop an effective Lead Generator?
  11. How to develop your professional Biography and how to present your Projects?
  12. How to develop a Wireframe model ready to share with a website developer?

Developed by Jeff Echols with more than 20 years of practice application and refinement.


Your success starts with the story you tell.

Your architecture firm will finally have an effective Brand Manual to reference. It will be your guide to the consistent work you want, with the clients you love and the fees you deserve... now and long into your firm's future.

As you complete each component of the Build Your Brand framework, you will assemble your firm's new Brand Manual; a system document to reference when developing new marketing materials, building a website, preparing proposals, and sharing your story with clients, consultants, and employees. It's how your firm will share a consistent message, attract your best clients, and earn the fees you deserve.

How much time, stress and money are the wrong clients costing you now?

Invest in building a powerfully clear brand today... and enjoy the results for a lifetime.

"Jeff’s training helped to reshape how I present my firm on every platform..."

  • Angela Donahoe<br>Donahoe Group
    The Build Your Brand Workshop gave me the tools to dig past simply defining my firm's brand, to better understand why our brand is what it is and discover the direction I want to focus on in the future. Jeff’s training helped to reshape how I present my firm on every platform, from my website to everyday conversations. In 30 days, this workshop changed my perspective on our firm and elevated me to a higher level of thinking, opening avenues of understanding and inspiration I never knew existed.
    Angela Donahoe
    Donahoe Group
  • Rick Tokarski<br>Tokarski Millemann Architects
    Prior to this workshop our marketing was portfolio based and "all about us." The Build Your Brand Workshop opened our eyes that this is the wrong approach. We are reworking all our branding, marketing and website based on the framework taught at this program.
    Rick Tokarski
    Tokarski Millemann Architects
  • Michael Maturo<br>DYAMI Architecture
    The overall principles taught by Jeff apply not only to branding, but to the overall direction of our firm. I believe applying this material will also help us win proposals where clients are introduced to us by other means.
    Michael Maturo
    DYAMI Architecture
  • Jefferson Schierbeek<br>AddisonSchierbeek Architects
    Jeff gets to the core of what marketing for architects is about; how you define and find your ideal client, and tell them a story that resonates.
    Jefferson Schierbeek
    AddisonSchierbeek Architects
  • Nicole Lynam<br>KE Design
    I was introduced to Build Your Brand as I was transitioning into ownership of a growing legacy A/E firm. The firm was changing, and I wanted a brand message that portrayed our expertise to potential clients, honored our history, and relayed a focus on the future. Build Your Brand has been instrumental in helping me dig into where I want our future path to lead: our ideal projects, our ideal clients, our ideal firm culture, and how to successfully integrate that with our growth and branding strategies.
    Nicole Lynam
    KE Design
  • Jack Barnes<br>Jack Barnes Architect
    The program was eye-opening for me since it shifted my thinking to adopt the perspective of potential customers. I now better understand how they make decisions and can guide their journey toward buying our services.
    Jack Barnes
    Jack Barnes Architect
  • Earl Parson<br>Clever Moderns
    I've done a ton of work on my own to build Clever Moderns into a thriving brand, and the Build Your Brand Workshop helped me take it to the next level. Whether you're just starting out or you’re an owner of an established firm, Jeff’s step-by-step process will guide you through the training and help you level up fast.
    Earl Parson
    Clever Moderns

There is No Risk. It's backed by the EntreArchitect Guarantee.

If you register and The EntreArchitect Build Your Brand Workshop doesn't meet your expectation, just email us within 30 days of enrolling. If you participate in each session, complete the assigned tasks and you still don't receive the value you expected, we will refund your money... all of it. No questions asked!

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